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Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with 16 years of transformer manufacturing experience.

Our Company is China Oil-Immersed Transformer Suppliers and S22-M Type Oil Immersed Transformer Manufacturers. In order to better respond to the market situation, vigorously invest in silicon steel production projects, as the upstream product of transformers, silicon steel production and manufacturing project Silicon steel production and manufacturing project will be completed in two phases, the of the project has been tested in March 2022, to achieve an annual output of 25,000 tons of silicon steel, the second phase of the project will cooperate with Wisco to develop more high-end brands, silicon steel production capacity is expected to reach 80,000 tons. After the full volume of the project, the transformer industry will achieve a larger scale and achieve a stronger competitive advantage with the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Secondly, our company has developed a core intelligent stacking machine after three years to improve the quality and efficiency of iron core stacking. Last year, our company introduced the industrial precision welding robot arm to improve the welding process of transformer oil tank and complete the welding work of transformer oil tank with high quality and quantity.

Finally, Hubang Power's new factory intelligent workshop will be ready to put into operation in 2024, to achieve the full line of intelligent production of transformers as much as possible, which will greatly improve the efficiency of transformer products and increase the quality of related products.

Mission: Make power transmission safer and more energy efficient, and promote the development of China's high-end power equipment industry.
Vision: To become a highly trusted power equipment manufacturer.
Core values: scientific and technological innovation, unity and cooperation, continuous struggle, harmonious coexistence.
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Industry Knowledge
1. How does an oil-immersed transformer realize power transmission?
Oil-immersed transformers are vital equipment in power systems, and their working principles involve the transmission and transformation of electrical energy.
The basic structure of an oil-immersed transformer includes main windings, iron core and insulating oil. Electric current passes through the main winding, creating a magnetic field, and the iron core enhances the strength of this magnetic field. When the current changes, the induced electromotive force generated also changes due to the existence of the iron core. In this way, the oil-immersed transformer converts electrical energy from one voltage level to another through the principle of magnetic induction.
Insulating oil plays a vital role in this process. Oil serves both as a cooling medium, helping to dissipate heat, and as an insulating medium, preventing arcing and breakdown. The high insulation properties of oil ensure the stable operation of the transformer. Therefore, oil-immersed transformers enable power systems to operate efficiently and stably by realizing power transmission in an environment of insulating oil.

2. What are the advantages of using oil immersed technology in transformers?
Oil-immersed technology offers numerous advantages in transformer design, making it a preferred choice in power systems.
First of all, oil as an insulating medium can effectively suppress partial discharge in electrical equipment and improve the insulation strength of the equipment. At the same time, oil has high dielectric strength and can store a large amount of electrical energy in a relatively small volume, making the transformer design more compact.
Secondly, oil also has good cooling properties and can quickly dissipate heat to ensure that the transformer does not overheat during operation. This is critical to maintaining long life and efficient performance of your equipment.
In addition, the oil-immersed transformer can self-repair during operation. When the equipment fails, the oil can quickly isolate the fault area to avoid expansion of damage and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment.
These advantages of oil-immersed technology make transformers more competitive in complex power systems, providing the system with reliable power conversion and transmission functions.

3. Maintenance and monitoring of oil-immersed transformers: How to ensure their long-term stable operation?
Oil-immersed transformers require regular maintenance and monitoring during long-term operation to ensure their performance and safety.
The maintenance process includes oil quality analysis, insulation testing, temperature rise testing and other aspects. Oil quality analysis can detect potential problems in time by monitoring the impurities, moisture and gas content in the insulating oil. Insulation testing evaluates the insulation status of equipment by measuring insulation resistance. The temperature rise test is used to detect whether the temperature of the transformer during operation is within the normal range. Regular execution of these maintenance steps can help detect and solve potential problems in advance and ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.
Monitoring mainly includes transformer temperature monitoring, oil level monitoring and abnormal event monitoring. By monitoring the temperature and oil level of the transformer in real time, abnormal conditions can be detected in time and corresponding measures can be taken. Abnormal event monitoring uses advanced sensor technology to monitor vibration, sound and other parameters during equipment operation to determine whether there are abnormalities in the equipment.
A comprehensive strategy of maintenance and monitoring can help extend the service life of oil-immersed transformers, reduce the probability of equipment failure, and ensure reliable operation of the power system. Through scientific maintenance plans and monitoring methods, oil-immersed transformers can maintain long-term stability and safety under various environmental conditions.