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Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with 16 years of transformer manufacturing experience.

Our company is a professional China Transformer Assembly Manufacturers and Transformer Assembly Factory. In order to better respond to the market situation, vigorously invest in silicon steel production projects, as the upstream product of transformers, silicon steel production and manufacturing project Silicon steel production and manufacturing project will be completed in two phases, the of the project has been tested in March 2022, to achieve an annual output of 25,000 tons of silicon steel, the second phase of the project will cooperate with Wisco to develop more high-end brands, silicon steel production capacity is expected to reach 80,000 tons. After the full volume of the project, the transformer industry will achieve a larger scale and achieve a stronger competitive advantage with the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Secondly, our company has developed a core intelligent stacking machine after three years to improve the quality and efficiency of iron core stacking. Last year, our company introduced the industrial precision welding robot arm to improve the welding process of transformer oil tank and complete the welding work of transformer oil tank with high quality and quantity.

Finally, Hubang Power's new factory intelligent workshop will be ready to put into operation in 2024, to achieve the full line of intelligent production of transformers as much as possible, which will greatly improve the efficiency of transformer products and increase the quality of related products.

Mission: Make power transmission safer and more energy efficient, and promote the development of China's high-end power equipment industry.
Vision: To become a highly trusted power equipment manufacturer.
Core values: scientific and technological innovation, unity and cooperation, continuous struggle, harmonious coexistence.
Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd.

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Transformer Assembly Industry knowledge
1. Are You Seeking High-Quality Transformer Assemblies for Optimal Performance?
When it comes to ensuring optimal performance in power distribution systems, the quality of transformer assemblies plays a pivotal role. At Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd., we recognize the significance of reliable and high-performance transformer assemblies. Our commitment lies in delivering top-tier transformer solutions that not only meet industry standards but also surpass expectations.
Our team of experts comprises skilled engineers and technicians dedicated to crafting transformer assemblies with precision and excellence. We prioritize the use of advanced technology and superior-grade materials, ensuring that every assembly reflects durability, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it's distribution transformers, power transformers, or specialized assemblies for unique applications, our focus remains on delivering products that guarantee seamless integration and stable electrical performance across diverse environments.
We understand the challenges faced by industries and utilities in maintaining consistent and efficient power supply. Hence, our transformer assemblies undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure they perform optimally even under demanding conditions. This dedication to quality not only ensures operational reliability but also minimizes downtime, thereby contributing to enhanced productivity for our clients.

2. Wondering Where to Find Customized Transformer Assemblies Suited to Your Unique Specifications?
In today's dynamic industrial landscape, tailored solutions often outshine standard offerings. At Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd., we take pride in our ability to provide customized transformer assemblies designed to fit the specific requirements of our clients. Our approach involves close collaboration with customers to understand their unique needs, allowing us to engineer transformer solutions that precisely align with their specifications.
From the conceptualization stage to the final product, our team works in tandem with clients, offering technical expertise and guidance throughout the customization process. Whether the project demands transformers for renewable energy integration, industrial applications, or specialized sectors like healthcare or telecommunications, our commitment to customization ensures that each assembly is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards.
Our focus on customization doesn't merely revolve around meeting technical specifications; it extends to addressing operational efficiency and future scalability. We aim to provide transformer assemblies that not only meet immediate needs but also consider future expansion or technology integration, ensuring sustained performance and adaptability.

3. Curious About Transformer Assemblies That Guarantee Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability?
In today's era of sustainability and cost-effectiveness, investing in transformer assemblies that align with eco-friendly practices and cost-saving measures is paramount. At Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd., our commitment to sustainable practices is ingrained in our manufacturing processes and product offerings.
We understand the importance of energy efficiency and environmental impact mitigation in modern transformer assemblies. Our manufacturing facilities utilize innovative technologies and processes aimed at optimizing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint without compromising on quality. By adopting eco-friendly materials, implementing efficient production methods, and adhering to stringent environmental standards, our transformer assemblies stand as a testament to our dedication to sustainability.
Moreover, our commitment to cost-efficiency extends beyond the initial purchase. We focus on designing transformer assemblies with extended durability and reliability, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and longer service life. This approach not only benefits our clients in terms of operational savings but also contributes to a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.
At Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd., our mission is to provide transformer assemblies that transcend industry standards. Whether you seek high-quality, customized solutions tailored to your specific needs or environmentally conscious and cost-effective options, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability remains unwavering. We strive to be your trusted partner, delivering transformer assemblies that exceed expectations and contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy landscape.