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Jiangsu Beichen Hubang Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with 16 years of transformer manufacturing experience.

Our company is a professional China European-Style Box Substation Manufacturers and European-Style Box Substation Suppliers. In order to better respond to the market situation, vigorously invest in silicon steel production projects, as the upstream product of transformers, silicon steel production and manufacturing project Silicon steel production and manufacturing project will be completed in two phases, the of the project has been tested in March 2022, to achieve an annual output of 25,000 tons of silicon steel, the second phase of the project will cooperate with Wisco to develop more high-end brands, silicon steel production capacity is expected to reach 80,000 tons. After the full volume of the project, the transformer industry will achieve a larger scale and achieve a stronger competitive advantage with the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Secondly, our company has developed a core intelligent stacking machine after three years to improve the quality and efficiency of iron core stacking. Last year, our company introduced the industrial precision welding robot arm to improve the welding process of transformer oil tank and complete the welding work of transformer oil tank with high quality and quantity.

Finally, Hubang Power's new factory intelligent workshop will be ready to put into operation in 2024, to achieve the full line of intelligent production of transformers as much as possible, which will greatly improve the efficiency of transformer products and increase the quality of related products.

Mission: Make power transmission safer and more energy efficient, and promote the development of China's high-end power equipment industry.
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European-Style Box Substation Industry knowledge
1. Characteristics and advantages of European-Style Box Substation
Design Features:
European-style box-type substations focus on compactness, modularity and beautiful appearance. Its design concept aims to minimize floor space while providing a safe and reliable power transmission and distribution system. These substations are often mobile, making them particularly useful in scenarios where power transmission and distribution systems need to be established quickly. Its shell structure is designed with exquisite craftsmanship to withstand various climatic conditions and protect the internal electrical equipment from harsh environments.
Modular design is an important feature of European-style box-type substations. Different power components (such as transformers, circuit breakers, isolating switches, etc.) are integrated into an overall structure. These modular components can be customized and configured according to actual needs, providing greater flexibility and customizability. This design not only saves space, but also makes the substation easier to install, transport and maintain.
Technical advantages are another significant feature of European-style box-type substations. These substations use advanced technical equipment, such as digital monitoring systems, smart sensors and remote operation interfaces, making them highly automated and intelligent. Through these technical equipment, the operating status of the substation can be monitored in real time, fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance can be carried out, which helps to improve the stability and reliability of the system.
European-style box-type substations also pay attention to appearance design. They often feature modern looks and durable materials to suit different environments and customer needs. The beautiful appearance design facilitates the installation and operation of these substations in cities or densely populated areas and better integrates into the surrounding environment.
European-style box-type substations have become an important part of the power transmission and distribution field with their compact design, modular features, advanced technology and beautiful appearance. Its unique design and functional features make it widely applicable and practical in different power demand scenarios.
Technical advantages: European-Style Box Substation are known for their advanced technical advantages. For example, they usually adopt the latest digital monitoring systems and intelligent equipment, making remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance possible. These technical advantages increase substation reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and help achieve greater energy efficiency.
Scope of application: European-style box-type substations are widely used in various scenarios. For example, in urban construction, these substations can be installed in different urban areas, such as commercial areas, residential areas, or near public facilities, to meet the power needs of different areas. In industrial parks, these substations serve the energy requirements of factories and facilities. In addition, at wind farms and solar sites, box-type substations are used to integrate and transmit electricity generated by renewable energy sources.

2. European market trends and development opportunities
Renewable Energy Integration: The European market has a growing demand for renewable energy. Renewable energy projects such as wind and solar require efficient power transmission systems, and box-type substations are an ideal choice due to their flexibility and customizability. For example, box-type substations can be customized and designed according to the needs of different solar or wind energy sites to maximize energy conversion efficiency.
Demand for digitalization and intelligence: The European market has an increasing demand for digitalization and intelligence solutions. Suppliers can integrate advanced monitoring systems and utilize Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to achieve remote monitoring and automated operations of box-type substations. This kind of intelligence can greatly improve the reliability of equipment, reduce failure rates, and achieve higher operating efficiency.
Environmental protection and sustainability: The European market is increasingly paying attention to environmental protection and sustainability. Box-type substations are popular as a solution that can reduce energy waste and reduce carbon emissions. Suppliers can improve the energy efficiency of substations by using renewable materials, energy recovery technologies, and optimized designs to meet market demand for environmentally friendly products.

3. Provider’s competitive strategy and business development in the European market
Product innovation and customized services: Suppliers can differentiate themselves from the competition by constantly innovating and providing customized services. For example, some suppliers are focusing on developing smaller, more efficient European-Style Box Substation to accommodate different sizes and power needs. Additionally, they offer customized designs that are tuned to the customer's specific requirements and environment to ensure optimal performance.
Cooperation and Partnerships: In the European market, establishing good partnerships is crucial for suppliers. Partners may include local power companies, construction companies or engineering contractors. These partnerships can help improve supply chain efficiency and promote products in the market.
Marketing and marketing strategies: Suppliers can conduct marketing by participating in industry exhibitions, holding seminars and forums and other activities. In addition, digital marketing is also becoming increasingly important, attracting potential customers through establishing a social media presence, optimizing the website, publishing case studies, etc., while maintaining good relationships with existing customers is also crucial.